You are Bato, a wandering ascetic monk in Morocco 2529. 

You travel from town to town and use psychedellic simulations, or "psy-sims", to help people awaken to who they are and to face their inner demons. 


This is but one of your many adventures.


This game was made for the LOWREZJAM 2021, a game jam where you have to make a game that fits in a 64x64 pixel screen.

We started working on the game a week before the jam, so we felt it was unfair to the other jammers to submit it for jam rating.

Still, we're proud of this little game.


Programming & Direction — Mohammad Ashour
Art & Sound Design — Lucas Mendes Zoglio/Lymze

We used the m3x6 font by Daniel Linssen and the Ultrapixel font by josemwarrior in the game. Shout outs and thanks for the fonts guys.

Let us know what you think in the comments!  👇🏽


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Cool! but 10 levels isn't enough, I wanna more!)) And I think, if you will make similar game, but with bigger grid, it will rise and shine) Good luck in your projects!


Love it! Great aesthetic, narrative, and gameplay. Keep 'em coming!