Entry for Ludum Dare 47


Survive 25 waves of alien attacks and kill all the aliens


  • Aim with mouse
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • When turrets are green you can jump from one to the other with space bar


You are Captain Yag Isenhoofa III, skilled air force pilot of the Umanoids. Betrayed by your closest friend, you find yourself without a ship, and stranded in the orbit of a planetoid in a hostile sector. Waves of Woobledongles continuously attack you. Luckily, you're not the only thing in orbit: gun turrets from your exploded ship are in orbit around the planetoid as well. Use the turrets to fend off the Woobledongle waves, and kill every last Woobledongle in sight.


Game Design - Francesco Narciso

Programmer - Mohammad Ashour

Programmer - Asfandyar Butt

Art - Lucas Mendes Zoglio

Sound Design - Lars Dahl

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